Having enjoyed working on the network for a year, it’s always a pleasure to return to Five Live to listen to Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode on a Friday afternoon. Or more accurately the podcasts of the film reviews slot.

Mayo’s show features a theme every day books, film etc and Friday is film and in Mark Kermode he has the perfect foil. Kermode’s strident reviews and opinions are well balanced by Mayo’s flatter and gentle mickey taking of Mark’s deep love of The Exorcist amongst other things. Their chemistry is perfect and I simply cannot remember a bad show in more than three years of creating and subsequently listening to the podcasts.

There’s a strong community building around the segment and the podcast has helped to create a global audience for what was a simple UK radio slot. The credit for that starts with Kermode and Mayo but extends to the digital team on the network, who are caught between some powerful forces inside the BBC but do well treading a fine line between them all.

BTW – worth checking out the books slot as well.