I love Vanity Fair and have done for a number of years. There, I’ve said it, it’s out in the open and frankly I feel better already.

I’m a magazine afficionado, my background is as a journalist, and Vanity Fair often feels like one of the few titles that has stuck to its guns in terms of writing, picture and production standards. I’m sure sometimes to the detriment of sales as other mags went large and LOUD.

VF’s liberal morality, quality writing, superb photography and its restraint appeal to me, and are brave in my eyes. Politically, it’s a comfortable fit for me though Christopher Hitchens does provide some balance in that regard. And, when you have someone like Annie Leibovitz as your in-house photographer, you’re definitely on a roll.

I’m sure it’s an aspirational thing for me but I feel better for making the effort to find it in my town and, amidst a multitude of other distractions, taking the time to work through almost everything in it. It’s rare that I don’t feel that it was time well spent.

Previously, I was frustrated that the title had never migrated to the web but that’s been addressed and the Vanity Fair site is very good – though it would be great to be able to snag the content and embed it in a blog. I’m sure once the lawyers have worked through the details, they’ll get to that.

I’m not usually one for gushing but VF remains a gem and even after 20 years I’m not tired of it and that’s pretty rare. Even more so for a magazine.