Whilst praising Radiohead for their experimentation around the release of In Rainbows, it’s quite clear that U2 are in danger of sliding into dinosaur status as Bono backed his manager Paul McGuinness’ claims that internet service providers (ISPs) are somehow complicit in the downturn of the music industry by encouraging illegal downloads.

What a load of phooey! Of course musicians deserve to be paid for their work, no question. But Mr B, have a look around you at the machinery of the music industry. It’s broken, rusted and wildly out of date. Since the 1950s, the music industry has ridden the backs of musicians and has had it so good for so long. With sheet music, with vinyl and then again with CDs and all the while the musicians lost out and so did the consumer. So when technology opens a door, of course those with the know-how rush through.

Does this mean music has no value? Of course, not what it means is that the industry needs to tear up its playbook, treat its customers with some respect, treat its musicians with some respect and stop pointing the finger and everyone but yourselves.

There has always been a degree of piracy, it’s not right but at the same time it points a direction the industry might want to go in. Let people explore and discover new sounds. The album concept was always a fabrication to bundle singles together and get people to buy songs they may already have, so drop it, move on. Talk to your customers, listen and act.