Interesting to note the reviews of 2G iPhone owners online: Don’t like the curvy back, no dock included as default and battery doesn’t last as long as before.

Well, I’m coming to it as a novice iPhone owner though I do have a very lovely iPod Touch. So, tackling the three common points (did all you guys crib off of each other?) in order:
– Curvy back: Nah, the design of this device poops over all the phones I’ve had so far including Nokia of various form, Motorola though the new Samsung is pretty lovely with its touch screen but lousy integration with other devices, won’t play nice.
– No dock: Naah, along with all those daft phone stands on various desks, a dock is a nicity, minor point, move along.
– Battery life: Naaah, have you tried the crap-tastic N95? I have been through two and battery, schmattery. So far, on one charge I hammered the iPhone with iPod play, pictures, Bluetooth, AIM, Twitter and web browsing. I got more than a full day off of one charge i.e. only run down once and not fully. So that’s 24 times better than the Nokia.

On the plus side? C’mon, look at it, go play with it and then compare it with the phone you have now. If it’s not better, don’t buy the iPhone. Simple.

For the next 18 months, I’ll be the guy with the big smile and a fully functioning multimedia device!

Psst, anyone want a iPod Touch for a reasonable price …