A small but significant first step has been taken by the UK’s internet service providers (ISPs) in agreeing to a memorandum of understanding, drafted by the UK government, that states that ISP users found to be dealing in copyright music will receive warning letters. What’s not made clear is if that covers both uploading and downloading but the point is that internet usage is now categorised differently to all other forms of communication in that your usage will be watched without legal recourse i.e. whoever and whatever you’ll be tracked.

The music industry, in this case the BPI, still seem to believe that by attempting to quash music sharing that the industry’s ills will be addressed and yet the base model is what is flawed not the ways in which the general public negotiate their way around it. The BPI states that it is a massive step forward but if the ISPs have caved on this then what’s next, especially given the UK government’s desire to monitor *everything*.

A sad day all round. Is breaking copyright fair, of course not, musicians should be paid for their work but this is not about that.