TwitterBeen sitting thinking about research that leads into UX work and one of the areas I really enjoy is user research, predominantly one-on-one interviews, ideally in the user’s home or work situation. However, sometimes you need a longer period of research data than say one hour or day. One of the tool I use a lot is Twitter and given that you can Tweet from a computer (most folks have those) or a mobile phone (everyone has those), I’m going to experiment next time with collecting usage data from people who can and will Tweet.

Naturally, the most obvious constraint will be the 140 character limit but I think that could also be damn handy as brevity can be pretty damn fine! Additionally, I’ll be able to automate the who, what and when of what data I receive. I don’t have an immediate project I can apply this too but I will and when I do I’ll post it here including the methodology of capture and how I used the data.

If you haven’t signed up or what to know more about Twitter, this is the place for you. You can follow me @MichaelHales, if you like.