I remain somewhat confused as to why so many websites put a little, or sometimes big, link at the top of their pages offering me the opportunity to ‘sign in’. Well, how pleasant. Very kind but what the heck am I signing in to? Why would I want to sign in, in short, what is in it for me?

Everyone wants to collect your details and then try and cash in by ‘targeting’ you with ads, content and other generally very exciting things. Fair enough, the ad market is still in the dumpster, content businesses need to make revenue numbers stand up. As a consumer, I perfectly understand and am willing, more often than not, to offer my details etc in exchange for good and engaging content.

So, there’s the potential from the business side, willingness from my side – all good no? Well, no as very rarely that offer of ‘signing in’ bare little or no information as to what’s in it for me. Why would I sign in, what do I get, why should I share who and where I am with your service.

Come on, it’s basic usability. Simple roll over, a little text underneath, maybe a house ad? All the while, sites keep leaving a little text link with no explanation, I and many other simply will keep ignoring them and money will be left on the table.

Amazon get it (surprise, surprise) but where do I sign in?