sponge diversAlthough my paid role is all about the digital experience and having spent the best part of four weeks exploring and immersing myself in that, it’s become quite clear that I’m going to need to go beyond that brief. I’m totally happy with what I think needs to be done on the digital side of things but as that’s only a part of how customers experience the brand I work for, I’m going to go a little off-piste and do some offline research, user diaries, maybe a little videoing of “real people” (gasp) going about their day-to-day life and what the touchpoints with our brand are.

I’m sure that not everything will be useful in my specific context but I’ll spread that out through the business and hopefully it’ll be useful elsewhere also.

This depth of research will be new for me, well doing it all together as a package anyhow. I’ll post a few times on how things go over the next few weeks, got to get some structure and planning sorted out first, oh and the small matter of some budget as well đŸ™‚