I know I’m approaching old fart status but I’ve been surprised two or three times this week by folks who see the Tron Legacy screen I have on my Mac at work and ask ‘cool, what’s that?’ It’s Tron I say, ‘whaa?’ is the usual reply. Seems a whole generation of folks are about to discover the Tron World for the first time.

The original, now 28 years old, wasn’t a deep sophisticated story – think Matrix without the existentialism – but it was one of the cool films that as a kid you watched and simply went “wow”. I’m really hoping that a cinema in Auckland will put on the original, coupled with Tron Legacy. Visually a complete mismatch but it would be a cool, fun night out.

Tron Legacy opens in November and the new trailer has lots of juicy new bits, hell, with Jeff Bridges in it, it’s a winner from the get go.