John Lennon at 70


Of all the artists I admire who are gone, John Lennon still remains a painful “what if”. What if he had lived, what music would he have made, would he have diversified into other arts like Bowie and would he have fallen victim to the endless desire for The Beatles to have made more music? Or would he simply have sat back and been a house husband?

Lennon’s death means he’s frozen in time, flaws and all. He never got the chance to watch his children grow, to become the grandfather of rock n roll, to do so many things. It would have been fascinating. I love the fictional interview in Vanity Fair, it somehow rings true.

I was only 13 when Lennon died but I remember how my dad reacted and how he always had a picture of Lennon in every office he had. Ever since then I’ve grown a little more interested in the who, how and why of Lennon.

Happy birthday Mr Lennon.

Great video clips on Rolling Stone.