Flavorpill is a lovely site. Carefully curated, some great content and I’m especially fond of the photo galleries. Flavorpill clearly spends a lot of time putting these things together and yet almost all of that work goes to waste.

Why? Simply because when I click through, as I often do, this is what I see.


Here’s the full size page for reference, scary how long the page is and the % for the focus content drops into single digits when you look at it like this!



The big bar of features, navigation, search bar, branding (x2) and sign up are all well and good but my purpose as a customer coming to this page is to view and work through the gallery. But roughly only 15-20% of the page is actually the content I’m after – doh!

This is what I want to see.


Even then, I really want the image top and centre and the rather lengthy description below. Just to put theselves into the customer’s shoes, the guys and gals at Flavorpill should realise that this template layout is seriously munted. Even if the structure of the page is changed – moving or minimising the navigation, the structure of the gallery module itself is back to front.

So, in a nutshell, all the hours spent putting together the gallery, creating the copy, coding the page to draw me in, show me ads, put a shine on the Flavorpill all go to waste for the sake of 30 mins UX.