One of the hardest things to get right in UX/UI design is a form. They’re absolutely essential and yet can cause the most abandonment. Just now I was reading an article on the New Zealand Herald and though I’d email myself the article as a reminder to share with colleagues and reread as it had some pertinent info for my work.

Find the email this article link was easy enough but then I was confronted with this form.

And my first reaction, was “ugh, can’t be bothered.”

There’s nothing especially wrong with the design or the function of the form but when I looked a little closer, more than 50% of the form was filled with optional fields. Now, why bother me with stuff that I don’t have to do? Spam filter, fair enough but again look at the size of it. This is simply so that I can forward, and help the Herald, a new article. Way too big, way too much information – on show and being asked for.

So, here’s my quick hack job.

Much smaller, more logically sequenced – I want to send this article therefore the first question should be to whom not what my name and email address. Secondly, removed all the optional fields, it would be no bother to add a few prompts but why not simply let me add email addresses separated by commas as most email programmes do. I’m used to that, why make me do something different?

Captcha shrunk, still legible and besides these are so familiar that I believe a lot of people would fly through them without pausing to read the small print etc.

Overall, much smaller, feels quicker and probably would help increase the number of articles forwarded as, even though it’s a small thing, it feels less of a chore and I can do it and move on.