So often I find that UX reviews and projects focus on major shifts or rebuilds of experiences. However, more often than not it’s the little things that stick with folks. For example, the New Yorker clearly understands that it’s customers like the lengthy articles they produce – quality stories told in the length required – but acknowledges that sometimes we’re a little short of time. New Yorker’s online experience takes that into account by offering a little service that when you’ve paused on a page offers to email you a reminder to finish the article.

You’re happy as you wanted to finish the piece and appreciate the reminder that you can pick it up again when you’re ready. The New Yorker is happy as you come back, they get data, in short everyone wins – that’s good UX.

And a good experience is built up from these granular pieces, one small step at a time – Apple is very good at this

Try it here – yes, an article on Jonny Ive, see what I did there?

What are the little things you appreciate online?