When I last posted here, I’d just been made redundant from a job I loved, building a chatbot from scratch for Vodafone. I started the thing with an idea and a pitch, persisted and switched tack from an internal bot for staff to a public-facing bot and even took onboard the responsibility of building an agile squad to do it at the same time.

I wanted to capture the experience but little did I realise that I needed time to mourn. I’d invested everything into it, filling everyone around me with that same belief that it could be done and it could work.

Well, shock, it did work and that is testiment to the many hours of hard work from the team, support from the business and some very smart people at IBM. I’m proud of what we did and still sad that budgets seem to override everything else. But I’ve moved on, built more things and now feel ready to go back to that time and share the steps, successes and failings of building that bot. So, apologies if you were waiting for the next chapters but they’re coming.

Right now, I need to finish editing and laying out my local newspaper, which has been one of those things that has helped to rebuild but the energy and focus is back!