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The deepest pool in the world

Another good reason to visit Belgium

Stunning reverse sculpture by Yasuaki Onishi

Or perhaps some entirely more than simply those two terms!

Very excited to see this documentary, bring it to NZ!

Great TED talk for further viewing

I find there are many parallels between architects and user experience designers. You’re instrumental in shaping how people interact and carry out various activities. The decisions and patterns that both groups create and apply directly affect people and their activities. Norman Foster is one of my heroes and here’s a cracking interview with Charlie Rose, which previews both an authorised biography and better still a documentary (How much does your building weigh Mr Foster?)!

SIr Norman Foster talking to Charlie Rose

Fallingwater House

Nearly 80 years old and The Fallingwater House design remains one of my favourites and looks as fresh and exciting today as it must have done at the time.

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