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Just gets better with each listen, would have been awesome, ah well…

The Discarded Image: Episode 01 – Jaws (Spielberg, 1975) from 1848 Media on Vimeo.

First and last …

A fascinating video covering the first and last frames of some very well known films!

Bayhem: Brilliant dissection

Great work by Tony Zhou, which while I still revile Michael Bay at least explains simply and clearly why his films are visually addictive.

Still my favourite. I’d developed a deep love for the The Goons, which naturally lead to Monty Python. Aged 10, I worked on this for a couple of weeks and my favourite part was going home with a “do not wash this child” note around my neck like Paddington Bear. I brandished like a get out jail free card in front of my mum, bless.

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