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Summer memories - bisLa femme au chapeauGood morning - take 2The National Art CenterPreciousStellar
ParisGallery Pl-Chinatown - take 3Through the tunnelBreakfast!Geometrical (take 2)Washington Monument
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DowntownReady.... go!BusyShinjuku - take 2WickedShibuya abyss

Check out the long exposure railway shots but stay for the variety and quality!

Piha in the mist …

Piha in the mist

Man walks across America

Fantastic stop-motion video, the clue is in the title. Also worth watching is the making of video, a real ‘just do it’ approach that really paid off. And the whole thing was shot (not made, shot) in 16 days, impressive.

Is that Johnny or Madonna

I know it’s Johnny Depp (left) but my goodness, sure looks like Madonna …

That said, can’t wait for Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, could be amazing.

Truly multimedia

Sean Penn by Paolo Pellegrin for Magnum/New York Times

Sean Penn by Paolo Pellegrin for Magnum/New York Times

I am an unashamed New York Times fan, despite its very public failings it remains a truly great newspaper. Or, more accurately, a media brand as this photo collection shows, the NYT is doing things that are beautiful in their simplicity, engaging and go way beyond what a ‘newspaper’ is known for. Having embraced the web/digital media and invested heavily in it, the NYT, along with The Guardian, is really producing some great work.

This photo portfolio by Paolo Pellegrin with audio commentary by Lynn Hirschberg is a perfect balance of the visual and optional audio, perhaps lacking a little by leaving the timing of images to audio to the user.

My only criticism of this gallery/media feature is the monetisation. Sure, there’s an ad at the start but the editorial/programming has won over the potential revenue opportunities as after that pre-roll, there’s nothing other revenue drivers which while aesthetically appealing (and would be among the drafts I would create for this product) makes for a bad business model. Sponsorship, audio ads, interstitials all could have been used without affecting the overall experience and probably would go someway to making this piece balance the books.

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