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Steve Jobs: Here’s to the crazy one

Simple, brilliant – love it.

iPod Magic

Simply wonderful illusions by Marco Tempest using Apple iPods.

One year of iPad

Schamltzy maybe but it is a game changer…

What future for Nokia?

Nokia handsets are designed for the pre-iPhone era. In their day, great and with sales to match (1.3 billion) but times have changed dramatically. The iPhone, Android handsets and now Windows Phone 7 have crossed the rubicon and helped to create a new era of mobile use, where the phone/device does many things – camera, email, instant messaging oh and the odd phone call. And, once a customer has crossed over, they won’t be going back.

Promises are being made by Nokia and an acquaintance of mine heads up their UI and UX, so have a listen/watch of Nokia’s Marko Ahtisaari, I’m underwhelmed by what he had to say sadly. With no product, promises of a new design pattern and drawing on old, tired Europe vs US battlelines, my gut reaction is that Nokia has buried its corporate head in the sand and thinks that its market share will buy it enough time to catch up with Apple, Google and Microsoft, and that everyone is waiting for what Nokia has to offer.

I’m unconvinced, the lifecycle i.e. how quickly people change their handsets means that by 2011 the new Nokia UX/UI design could well be irrelevant as customers have moved to other manufacturers and platforms, and winning people back is much harder than getting them the first time. 2010 could well be the jumping of the shark for the Finnish mobile giant.

Found this very interesting as my opinion was/is/maybe that Apple sucks at the web but more accurately I think Apple sucks at websites. Some elements, design, usability and content usability are strong and often copied but iTunes on the web, no mobile version of Apple.com and other elements point to a lack of cohesion/planning.

I’m an unabashed Apple fanboy but it’s nice to know that the Californian giant has very visible flaws and it’ll be interesting and stimulating to see how it deals with these flaws.

I do agree with a lot of what John Gruber has to say about Apple’s embrace of the web and it makes me giggle as it reminds me of Microsoft’s laughable “embrace and extend” statement that loosely translated meant ‘railroaded towards our business aims’. Apple still seeks to influence web standards in its favour but at lease honours those standards.

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