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Really worth watching – great to hear how digital comes first. Clear thinking and process, admirable.

Clever Coca-Cola

Imaginative thinking and totally supporting their brand message.

It certainly helps that you have the world’s music back catalogue to draw upon but the brand refresh by Gretel of VH1 is stunningly simple and, hell, even makes me want to watch the channel again. Now, if that’s not successful, then what is?

Background story here.

A very well thought out and brave rebranding of an iconic global brand. The detail of the icon is beautiful and to achieve such a fresh look is great work. Will look to dig into more detail on this story, do send links if you find more.

Here’s a somewhat ungracious interview with Massimo Vignelli, who created the previous look in 1967. I disagree that it didn’t need to change and from the video, the sense of history is strongly present.

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