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I find there are many parallels between architects and user experience designers. You’re instrumental in shaping how people interact and carry out various activities. The decisions and patterns that both groups create and apply directly affect people and their activities. Norman Foster is one of my heroes and here’s a cracking interview with Charlie Rose, which previews both an authorised biography and better still a documentary (How much does your building weigh Mr Foster?)!

SIr Norman Foster talking to Charlie Rose

Marissa Mayer, VP of UE at Google, is the gateway for engineers within the company who want to get their products and ideas in front of the founders. From my perspective, what is even more interesting is her role as the key touchpoint for user experience in what is probably the most important company on the Internet. If it doesn’t get past Marissa, it doesn’t go online. The simplicity of the Google search front page, including the colours and limiting the word count under 40, are rooted in her tastes and choices.

This is a 55 minute interview with Charlie Rose that just about covers everything you might want to know about Google, including how the company hires…

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