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A love of typography

Or how to make Steve McQueen as a typeface.

Monserrat typeface

I’m a huge fan of old typefaces and so have sponsored this project to save some of those old typefaces disappearing from Buenos Aires. Excited to see the results and kudos for Google for helping to turn the resultant new typeface into a web font.



A great short documentary on typography creation, use and more from PBS Arts in the US (sourced from Frog)

Helvetica Trade Advertising

Helvetica Trade Advertising 02, originally uploaded by ekusupo.

From 1968 – Tremendous – absolutely love this. Imagine if there were such a general and public interest in fonts and typography in current times, we’d be living in a better world!

Now, if we could focus on grammar…

Typefaces give us signals from erik spiekermann on Vimeo.

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