iPhoneOne the interesting things about having your iPhone unlocked (or freed from the tyranny of a mobile company, as I prefer to call it), is that the phone is effectively wiped clean. All those apps I’d collected, use or discarded, the history of my iPhone to this point were gone.

So, simple enough, start over and find new apps suitable to my new Kiwi life.

Two have jumped across the digital divide and now happily sit awaiting my touch.

From the NZ government no less, comes NZ Traffic. Simple, well designed and does exactly what it promises, albeit limited to NZ’s top 3 cities. Two clicks and I can check the major block points on my phone by viewing the traffic camera’s latest snap. Free and it works – bravo!

Secondly, WiFi Finder. Checks my location, with my permission, and despite my somewhat remote location, find four free WiFi spots. Again, two clicks, free and dead simple to use.

I’m loving rediscovering useful iPhone apps and being away from the main metropolis, where I can really test if they work. Fun to come for sure!