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Paper + Color = happy

Paper, an app by 53, is a wonderful thing and a must have for an iPad. As you can see from the video above, its palette just blew up. My favourite (favorite) app just got better.

Paper: http://www.fiftythree.com/paper

Awesome iPad app

Beautifully designed and definitely sets the bar for ipad apps, it’s free – download it now. Opening Ceremony have nailed it.

The video says it all really but watch how a 1-yeard old clearly is confused by magazines that don’t work while the iPad delights and is understood. The future is here now and if your content isn’t designed to work with touch, you could be facing “issues”.

One year of iPad

Schamltzy maybe but it is a game changer…

Finger painting on the iPad

Consumption only huh – I need to rethink that one!

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