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A very well thought out and brave rebranding of an iconic global brand. The detail of the icon is beautiful and to achieve such a fresh look is great work. Will look to dig into more detail on this story, do send links if you find more.

Here’s a somewhat ungracious interview with Massimo Vignelli, who created the previous look in 1967. I disagree that it didn’t need to change and from the video, the sense of history is strongly present.

Drunk mirror

A wonderfully simple idea, where a time-delayed video window intrigues folks in a Brazilian bar before giving them a gentle but impactful reminder of the effects of alcohol!


In Chicago, this doughnut shop only stays open as long as it has stock. Bear in mind doughnuts are quite plentiful in the US…

More on The Doughnut Vault here: http://thedoughnutvault.tumblr.com/

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