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Amazon changes the game

2009 should prove to an excellent one for the consumer with Amazon launching its MP3 music service in the UK. An excellent application opens the door for all music players and related applications and the pricing (£3 a album, 59p a track) is likely to give Apple pause for thought. What price DRM now?

It is still the best download service in my humble opinion but Rhapsody is moving to keep pace with rivals Napster and Amazon by embracing MP3 as a format. Where eMusic has opened the door, the major labels are now doing deals with relative ease to allow retailers to offer songs as MP3 files.

Still though, Rhapsody has yet to launch in Europe and most notably in the UK. The plans have been on and off again with music editors hired and released but despite an increasingly strong position and the opportunity of a level(ish) playing field with the all-conquering iTunes, the possibility of UK Rhapsody is as far away as ever I’m sad to say.

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