I wasn’t sure what I expected from Metallica’s Some Kind Of Monster documentary. I had heard the tales that it was like a spoof (yes that one) and to be honest some of the therapy scenes grate but I did find myself fascinated by the genuine problems these guys were facing. OK, their lives are surreal with starting over involving auctioning off paintings worth millions of dollars and taking a year off (and why not?) but under the glitz and madness I was genuinely touched that these three guys were really straining to get back to what it was all really about – simply making music.

It could have been edited down by about 30% and you would have had a magnificent documentary that happened to be about a rock band but essentially was a study on men suddenly finding themselves grown up and wonder why on earth they were still in a gang and standing at a crossroads, trying to decide which direction to take.

I’m probably hitting that stage myself, hence the resonance, but this was well worth watching and Metallica really do rock.