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The deepest pool in the world

Another good reason to visit Belgium

Looking back over my blog, I realised that I’m really only covering a small proportion of what I get up to and I want to keep a record, especially if as hoped I have some kids this year. So, going to make an effort to track a few more events and also blog a little more often.

The year is starting with some well deserved rest having gone flat out for 8 months in my new job at Vodafone. The sun’s out in Piha and I’ve steered clear of the Mac though I have been compiling a bunch of things I want to explore next week, easing back into work mode. The key thing is really creating a work mode using tools to help keep the flow modest instead of the tidal wave of last year. Got a redesign on the boards, been stewing on that one in my head for a few weeks, so it’s going to be sitemaps, flows, wireframes and some designs flat-tack for 5 days, then into the selling and getting approvals.

Really want to get my Omnigraffle stencils in order. It’s my tool of choice but definitely open to changing as I want to create more code off the back of the layouts. Could mean a swap back to Axure but the key points will be

  • The ability to reuse items
  • Sharing items/modules
  • Create base code
  • Works across Mac and PC
  • At the moment, nothing quite cuts it but Omnigraffle is so quick to use and the stencils are essential so we’ll see.

    iPad and mobile apps are going to figure large, at the moment reworking an existing app for the iPad is the first cab off the rank but then I’m going to focus on a Windows Phone 7 app. Incredibly impressed by WP7 as an experience. Well thought out, good design and IMHO better than the iPhone iOS, which for me is still a surprise as I’m a huge Apple fan. However, Microsoft (first with Zune) and now with WP7 have really grasped the nettle and I hope sales support MS’ efforts, will be interesting to see if WP7 is ported to a tablet next week at CES.

    So, this week, it’s all about Photoshop practice, Omnigraffle stencil builds, sketching bits and bobs and some good fiction reading. Interspersed with reading, swimming and surfing, roll on 2011 it’s looking mighty fine from here.

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