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The Interface Layer: Where Design Commoditizes Tech

UX & UI trends for 2013

UX & UI trends for 2013

Awesome iPad app

Beautifully designed and definitely sets the bar for ipad apps, it’s free – download it now. Opening Ceremony have nailed it.

Infographic thinking

Infographics provide information and context in a simple, often text-lite manner. Francesco Franchi is, in my opinion, the master. A lot of this video is common sense but it gets really interesting when he starts to talk the merging of languages.

Francesco Franchi: On Visual Storytelling and New Languages in Journalism from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Really interesting interview by The Verge – Joshua Topolsky – with Microsoft Design Director Steve Kaneko covering the company’s moves to create a unified design voice. Starting with Metro and where it may go from there.

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