dmodeThe new iPass, offered by Depeche Mode through the iTunes service, is a little shortsighted IMHO. I can see that should Depeche Mode offer the same service, as a white label version, to their fans through their own digital media presence, it would be a rave success. Bands like Mode have really dedicated fans who will want everything that the band decides to offer, even though it’s a leap of faith as you’re not really sure what you’re going to get. So that dedication coupled with the excellent iTunes service should be a great experience. And, there are many more bands, large and small, that would be perfect for a similar service.

What I think is missing is that pure white label solution. You hit and, though not heavily promoted, you’re redirected to iTunes. Fine if you’ve got iTunes installed but a poor experience if you don’t. What I’m surprised by is that after having stood still for quite some time, iTunes hasn’t evolved beyond its walled garden model. An integrated experience in the band’s web site would remove the pointless break in user experience and disconnect. Services that only offer white label solutions can’t match iTunes marketing muscle but iTunes is missing a trick that could open up a whole new tranche of business.

So, kudos for the marketing exercise iTunes but why not show a little ambition?