Hasan Minaj – Homecoming King

So, I started with Seinfeld. A little coffee, a few laughs and a Ferrari. Good start to the day, and he’s talking to Hasan Minaj, who I know from the Daily Show. Sharp, fast, smart and damn funny. Talking about a special on Netflix, hmm, sounds fun, fire that up.

However, you really need a run up to this.

This is not not what you may be expecting, it’s so much better. Yes, sure it’s quick fire but the writing, emotion and honesty are breathtaking. Oh, and it’s really really funny.

The comedy touchstones of family, childhood trauma, the awkwardness and more are parsed through the life of an immigrant family in America but given current climate Hasan’s Muslim upbringing is doubly charged. However, his bridging of worlds serves to remind that we all tread parallel lines. There are some killer lines in the show but it works so well as a whole. Very well written, touching and I came away not only with a smile on my face but having learned, or rather been reminded of some home truths.

This show reminded me of one of my favorites, which is Robin Williams’ show in NYC ending with his son holding his hand. This is up there. Powerful, funny as heck, truthful, emotionally connective, and it’s exciting to see what Hasan will do next.

Streaming on Netflix now.


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