Been even longer this time!

Like many people, I started the new year with plans to adopt new resolutions, start good new habits and also journal.

Of course, I had to buy new tech to support my new resolutions – OK, I didn’t have to but I did anyway. And, I am very impressed with my new Remarkable tablet, and it is encouraging me to journal each day, not quite a habit yet but having something so easy to use and instinctive certainly helps. Also, sponsorship of the Guy Kawasaki podcast of a similar name – Remarkable People – successfully kept reminding me of my potential, then actual, purchase. Ironically, just as sponsorship of that excellent podcast ended.

So, into 2022, I’ve shifted countries (again), in the midst of a pandemic (not recommended), doubled down on product management as a career and changed my life just enough by being in the familiar surrounds of the UK but in a completely new location, well away from London.

I’m incredibly lucky that my chosen career is one that is developing so quickly – something that drew me to it. Additionally, being a generalist is a real benefit to the role. Being a product manager in a consultancy means that diversity of experience is a real asset.

So, blogging. Well, I’m going to try again, 99% for myself really but I’ll throw in the reviews of books I usually publish on GoodReads and any other things that I think I can add some value to.

Front of mind is the hunt for a replacement for my Apple Airpods (v2 and Pro), which simply reached the end of battery life. It felt too soon, to the extent that I decide to see what else is out there. Multiple review sites later, I landed on the pricey Sony WF 1000XM4 in-ear, noise cancelling headphones. Much bulkier than the airpods, it takes some time to get used to the weight and positioning but the sound and noise cancelling is really excellent. The pack comes with a selection of rubber fittings for various ear types, which was most welcome. Syncing with various devices was challenging at first – pairing is by tap/hold on both earpods at the same time – but like the fitting become easy with use. The only annoying thing I have found is a strange bing sound that randomly happens in the middle of use – no consistent factor, so not sure what is going on there. If, like me, you’re looking outside the Apple world, these are recommended to try if not buy.

I’ve upped my book reading target from the past few years – 50 books in 12 months – which I actually achieved in 2021, to 60 for 2022, and I joined a book club to open out my reading habits. Of course, the reading list is heavy on tech, tech people, product management, design thinking, self-improvement and so on, but now includes the original Frankenstein – hated all the letters and struggled with the language at first, and The Song of Achilles, which is enjoyable but not compulsive reading – yet.

So, anyhow, new year, refresh the WordPress theme and refresh the attempt to write things down, hopefully with something useful for others.


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